Markup for iPad


Markup is an iPad application that lets you connect to your websites and edit the text files within them. The app lets you add sites and connect to FTP and SFTP and will render a beautiful thumbnail of your site.

Markup shows you your remote directories, so you can browse through the server to find the files you want to edit. Gorgeous icons are color coded to show you what kinds of files you're looking at. You can create new folders and text files, and you can upload photos from your photo library. You can also delete your files and folders with a simple swipe gesture.

A beautiful HUD is available at any time by pulling down on file list. It tells you if Markup is working, and what it is working on.


Tapping a file in opens it for editing. Markup automatically saves your work, so you only need to upload to the server when you want to see changes. HTML’s special characters are easily accessible while coding.

Markup allows quick access to a preview button, which shows you the current page you are working on. It also has find, replace, and replace all functionality available under your fingertips.

Documents are rendered in the fixed-width font Inconsolata, designed by Raph Levien, perfect for programmers.

In addition to being able to edit text documents, Markup lets you view images, such as png, jpg, and gif files as well as PDFs and documents from iWork, Microsoft Office that are hosted on your FTP server. Complete UI persistence assures that you will come back to Markup and find it exactly as you left it.